Conflict Resolution Analysis

Conflicts between aggrieved customers and employees can cause lasting problems for your business. Even a one-time incident can spur a customer to give your company a bad review. Sometimes you will find the customer to be at fault. So, how can you handle customer-employees conflict? As a conflict resolution specialist, we have proven tactics to handle conflict between unruly customers and employees. Our conflict resolution analysts will carry out a thorough analysis and provide the key strategies for effectively resolving disagreements and disputes with customers.

Product Knowledge Analysis

Your employees’ product knowledge is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. The more knowledge your employees have about the products and services you offer, the more productive and successful your company will be. we are committed to assessing your employees’ product knowledge and draw accurate observations that are useful for improving your business while fostering goodwill with your customers.

Customer Service Analysis

Providing great customer service is crucial for the long-term development and sustainability of every business. At Repeat Customers LLC, we look at all areas of customer service across all types of organizations. We have developed strategies that address all areas of how an organization will deliver consistent and exceptional customer service. Our benchmarking insights help you to evaluate your team performance & understand customer satisfaction thereby leading to Great Customer Service.

Customer Experience Review

Customer feedback helps to identify where you can make improvements to your products or services, your staffing levels or your business procedures. We’ll find out how your customers feel and analyze the User experience. This is an essential starting point when preparing to improve the customer experience. With our feedback collection capabilities, you can hear and understand every customer at every meaningful moment. To build a great customer experience strategy, count on us always!

Customer Retention Intelligence

At Repeat Customers LLC, we identify the best way to increase customer retention along the customer journey. We work with you step-by-step to create a powerful retention strategy built for profitability. We identify and quantify your company’s brand value to explore possibilities for higher customer loyalty. To correctly understand competitors’ behavior, along with customers’ needs and demands, we analyze your perspective market. The analysis often includes a deep-dive sentiment analysis about wishes, preferences, and complaints expressed by customers through various online channels.